PT Bumi Agrindo Sukses

We are traders of agro commodities from Indonesia to the world.

Trader of Agro-commodities

PT Bumi Agrindo Sukses trades agricultural products, using their expertise to source and distribute them according to market demands.

Integrated Sourcing Solution

We offer a complete sourcing solution to partners, ensuring a smooth and efficient supply chain for agro-commodities.


PT Bumi Agrindo Sukses​

PT Bumi Agrindo Sukses is a trader of agro-commodities. We provide an integrated solution of sourcing to our partners. We are born from a long history of sourcing company in Sumatra & Sulawesi.
Our approach is providing solutions, enrich community, create added value and profitable growth. We believe in hard work, employees engagement and continuing innovation.

Our values are:

Benefit Suppliers by providing financing and regular update of markets.
Benefit Customers by supplying quality products on time ensuring their needs of mills are fulfilled .
Benefit Our Team by working together respectfully, supporting each other and ensuring well being of all the team members.


Supporting local community and ensuring regular supply to customers. We maintain our values to the core in trading.


To be one of the best agro products trader from Indonesia to the world.


  • To grow and support all partners in our business.
  • To create synergy and profitable growth.
  • To help the farmer community attain right prices and attain best know how of technological advance in farming technology.